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Public Collection Kiosks

Kiosks Systems for Private & Public Use

To better serve the community while guarding against injuries and uncontrolled disposal, HealthWise will work with the Pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, medical facilities, and local government to install safe and easily maintained collection kiosks for sharps and spent medications. HealthWise handles all collection and maintenance activities.

Our Kiosk program is relatively inexpensive and provides a secure and convenient way to serve the public or internal needs. Since security is essential, we suggest the kiosks be sited at secure locations, especially sites that may be open 24 hours per day to provide oversight. To promote the Kiosks, HealthWise has a complete education and public awareness program in place ready to be engaged in any community.

Each standard kiosk is approximately 53" tall by approximately 24" wide and is made using 14 gauge steel, meaning that they are low maintenance as well as difficult to damage. The kiosk accommodates a 38-gallon re-usable container. Kiosks feature a durable exterior locking mechanism. Pharmaceutical kiosks also feature dual locking mechanisms similar to a bank safe deposit box with one key in the possession of a site technician and the other in the possession of one of our certified HealthWise service technicians.

HealthWise takes a personal approach to its sharps and expired medication collection programs. Residents can now collect their sharps and discarded medicines in their own containers and deliver them to temporary collection events. We work with communities and governmental agencies such as wastewater and landfill operators to set up events. We can make them part of community clean ups or household hazardous waste events. Our services include all of the publicity, logistics, collection and disposal.

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