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OSHA, Health Department, and Cal EPA Laws, Rules, Regulators & Fines

The best way to avoid getting an expensive fine – or worse -- is to know the rules, be trained, and practice safety. Here is a checklist of some key things to know and do.

MSDS – There are literally millions of Material Safety Data Sheets. Maintaining site-specific records is a vital Cal OSHA requirement. Are your records up to date?

Regulations – Always have a copy of the latest medical waste regulations and apply them in your facility. Download your copy at this website.

Safety Plans and Safety Audits – There are four primary safety elements that every facility needs: Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communication Program, Fire Prevention Program, and Emergency Action Plan. Are your plans up to date?

BBP Training - Interactive Bloodborne Pathogens Training.

All employees whose occupation may expose them to bloodborne pathogens must receive this training prior to assignment and at least annually thereafter. This is important as well to distinguish what really needs to go into the expensive red (RMW) Regulated Medical Waste bags.

Cal OSHA BBP saturation definition, allows for most items with trace levels of contamination to be placed in the solid waste stream, learn the correct items and saturation levels to be both safe and efficient.


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