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Medical Waste Services

Document Shredding Service

HITECH Act and HIPAA violations and penalties, stemming from health data breaches, can result in real risks — and costs — even for the most conscientious healthcare providers. Legally, you are responsible for safeguarding the privacy of your patients’ personal history information (PHI). We service the following metro areas : Bakersfield, Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco

Pickup Service

Rely on HealthWise to Protect You and Reduce Your Risk! Protecting people and reducing risk is our commitment to all of our customers throughout California and nationwide. We work with you to: - Improve employee and customer safety in handling medical waste. - Ensure regulatory compliance related to medical waste. - Safely and environmental dispose of the medical waste, providing complete chain of custody documentation. Contact us today to get started!

Public Collection Kiosks

To better serve the community while guarding against injuries and uncontrolled disposal, HealthWise will work with the Pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, medical facilities, and local government to install safe and easily maintained collection kiosks for sharps and spent medications. HealthWise handles all collection and maintenance activities.

Third Party Medical Waste Processing

Healthwise is a fully permitted medical waste processing facility. We maintain state-of-the-art autoclave and microwave technologies to reduce infectious materials to a non-infectious state suitable for recovery or disposal in landfill.